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Road Freight Service

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TURKSPED is first first-class spedition company of Turkey, established on 1969 by hundred percent Turkish Capital. The first goal of founders of Turksped's to be able to provide high quality and dependable service to Turkish exporters and Importers.


Air Freight Service

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TURKSPED is one of the first IATA/FIATA Member Freight Forwarders of Turkish Logistic Market. We are as TURKSPED has a good reputaion and high level relations with the major Airlines and GSA's.


Ocean Freight Service:

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We're as TURKSPED know very well that the loading capacity and costs are much important for exporters & importers who makes biz with overseas countries (USA, Canada, South America, Far East, Ocenia and Japan).


Fair & Event Logistics Service

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When you need a reliable "logistics specialist" for your all of events ; fairs, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, sports activities etc... TURKSPED can offer you special /customized turn-key solutions… our worldwide agent network offers highly focused expo logistics services, 24/7 at the point of need.


Railroad Freight Service

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TURKSPED can provide dependable railroad freight services when you need to move group & single wagons across all Europe. TURKSPED can forward your shipments by rail from siding to siding as well as whole compounds across Europe.


Project Freight Service

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TURKSPED provides secure and high quality project cargo services.


Wellcome To Turksped



Turksped Milletlerarası Nakliyat A.S. had always provided safe, fast and professional service to customers and partners in principle since it was founded in 1969 and managed developing services without abandon this principle untill today.