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Road Freight Service:

TURKSPED is first first-class spedition company of Turkey, established on 1969 by hundred percent Turkish Capital. The first goal of founders of Turksped's to be able to provide high quality and dependable service to Turkish exporters and Importers. TURKSPED's achieved this goal and continiue to develop assets, abilities and service qualifications everyday in order to continue the acusstomed high – quality and dependable service by customers. TURKSPED's fully focused to Central EU traffic and provides best service customers and partners since 43 years.TURKSPED always offer following guidelines ?? ;

  • A well educated, professional and high skills personnals,
  • Standardised and clear processes,
  • Full Transparency and trusworty
  • Continiuous and qualified info sharing,
  • Butique Service,

TURKSPED has own Road Freight terminal at Istanbul & Izmir. It means, TURKSPED can handle everykind shpt, arrange all type loading, warehousing, handling, packing, palletizing operations at own area.

Services :

  • Full Truck Loading
  • Cargo Consolidation
  • Domestic Collection and Distrubution
  • Warehousing
  • Collection and distrubution